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With modern amplifiers expected to cater for so many new source devices, the Phono capability, once very common, is one of those built-in features that has disappeared in recent times. The engineering team at Creek Audio has always loved the benefits of vinyl records and continues to work on technical and sonic improvements to its range of Phono pre-amp options, be it the stand-alone OBH or plug-in Sequel types. Tasked with designing a replacement for the original OBH-8 MM Phono Pre-amp, the team came up with some valuable improvements and additional features. For the mk2 version, a new type of low profile metal case has been developed to reduce the cost, without reducing quality.

The OBH-8mk2 Phono Pre-amp will work very well in the following system. Please note the speakers quoted may need to be different depending on the size of the room your system is to be used in.

The OBH-8mk2 Phono Pre-amp has a completely new circuit design, utilising an integrated circuit MM stage. The signal required by most modern amplifiers is described as ‘LINE’ level which ranges from 200 mV and 500 milli-Volts sensitivity, with a flat frequency response. Unless your amplifier has a specific ‘Phono’ or Disc input, the level will be too low to play vinyl and the frequency response will be wrong. Hence the need for a phono pre-amp.

Technische Daten:
Verzerrung und Rauschen bei 2VRMS output: (40dB gain) @ 1kHz to 10kHz = <0.003%
Kanaltrennung >70dB
Frequenzbereich: 10Hz – 100kHz (+/-0.5dB)
Rauschspannungsabstand >76dB
Übersteuerung >-21dB
Ausgangsspannung: 6.1V RMS maximum
Ausgangsimpedanz <100 Ohms
Verstärkungsfaktor: 40dB fixed
passender Abschlusswiderstand des Tonabnehmers : 47k Ohms. Kapazität = 220pF
Abmessungen: 100 x 48 x 80mm BxHxT
Gewicht: 0.4 kg inkl. OBH-Uni Netzteil
Stromaufnahme: 3 Watt
Netzspannungen: 100V – 250V AC 50/60Hz
Netzanschluss: Adapter für Großbritannien, USA, Europa
Farbe: schwarz
Schnellsuche Creek OBH-8 MK2